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How to Download “all”?

First, you need to have ADULTEUM (ADULT).. What is ADULTEUM? Check please: (opens in new window)

Then, just like online regular shopping, click “Purchase” (or if you had already done it, the button should be as “Checkout“);


Click, Checkout:

This page will appear;

After submitting your information, click purchase to go on and this page will come:

This is the address, you should “send to” ADULT:

This is the amount as easily understandable:

Send the exact amount to the correct address. The page checks if the transfer is done in every 15 seconds automatically (for the next 2 hours, the transfer should be done in 2 hours at maximum, but it should take only a few minutes, or less) and in a few minutes at most the download links will appear on the same page automatically (the page will refresh itself with the download links when it sees the transfer´s being done).

Done. Enjoy 🙂

OPTINALLY: If you use (have) MetaMask installed already on your browser (WHAT IS METAMASK, read here, opens in new window) METAMASK button (link) appears as it is:

Optionally you could do the transfer by using MetaMask, too.. but that´s just an option and “Pay with MetaMask” button appears only if you have MetaMask add on installed on your browser.. (if not, if you cannot see it, that is absolutely NO PROBLEM, this is only an alternative and a bit more automatic way for MetaMask users)

That´s all 🙂

Enjoy your videos.. and if you want to see what is more with ADULTEUM, check this page:

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